Contact High Purity Water, Inc. to repair and maintain all your hard water and low pH acid water treatment equipment. We can also assist with commercial and residential point of use R.O coolers as well as under counter or under sink Reverse Osmosis drinking water solutions, all from our conveniently located Grafton, MA Service Center.

Hard Water Treatment and Water Softeners in Grafton, MA

Since it first opened its doors for business in Grafton back in 1971, High Purity Water, Inc. has been successfully solving virtually all of our community’s hard water issues. The town’s water operations are storied, if not historical, going back to the 19th century, when in 1893, the Massachusetts American Water Company, started providing, on a commercial scale, the water supply for our New England hamlet. In the 1980’s the Grafton Water District was formed and by the late 80’s it took over operations from Massachusetts American Water Company.

Using a regulated well system, consisting of four wells, the District provides water to roughly 10,000 of its 17,000 inhabitants through 60 miles of pipes using three pumping stations and two booster pump stations.

Although the Water District has in effect an iron and manganese water treatment facility, there are still water hardness issues and an inherent low pH problem, making the water acidic. Truth be told, neither of these symptoms is all that uncommon for any well water supply. Because of this, High Purity Water's Inc. provides a host of best-in-class final barrier protection, water filtration and water treatment solutions for the most challenging well water problems from hard water to low Ph acid water.

High Purity Water, Inc. has an unbeaten track record of resolving all water hardness problems caused by high calcium and magnesium mineral content deposits due to limestone, chalk and dolomite. EcoWater Systems’ Premium ECR 3500 and ECR 3502 (a twin tank water version of the ECR 3500) is High Purity Water, Inc.’s instrument of choice for demand-initiated regeneration water conditioners. Unlike most products offered by other manufacturers, the ECR 3500 and ECR 3502 soften and condition water with counter-current bringing that regenerates from the bottom up for greater efficiency. These best-in-class water treatment systems use an internal computer to monitor the amount of water used, prompting system regeneration for actual and predicted water usage.

High Purity Water, Inc. Neutralizers, treating Low pH Acid (Acidic) water problems in Grafton, MA since 1971

High Purity Water, Inc. is one of the oldest and most established water filtration and water treatment companies in the greater Grafton MA area specializing not only in HARD water and water softening solutions, but also in low pH water treatment. The unique aspect of Low pH or acid water, as it’s also known, is that it cannot actually be detected (unlike many other water problems) by its appearance, odor or even feel. Its impact, however, is quite evident. Acidic water, as the name implies, can be very corrosive over time, eating away at chrome fixtures, copper pipes, brass fittings and an assortment of metal parts connected to or coming into contact with any type of water using appliances from dishwashers to washing machines. The tell tale signs of blue green stains on sinks and tubs or the corroded texture of fixtures, are all typical of damage from acid water. Acidic water also causes pinhole leaks in copper pipes and if the plumbing is behind a wall or ceiling (which it typically is) the water damage effects can be disastrous.

High Purity Water, Inc.’s professionals have the expertise to help guide you through the complexities of choosing the most effective water treatment solution for your low pH issue in Grafton, MA. Although there are a variety of ways to control low pH, High Purity Water, Inc.’s first choice is the EcoWater ETF 2100 Neutralizer after an actual pH test is employed to determine the best option in adjusting it to acceptable levels. The goal is to raise the pH to 7.0 or higher to eliminate the acidity and eliminate the corrosive effects.

Water Filtration and Water Softener Repair in Grafton, MA

Our factory authorized service and repair facilities, located on Depot Street in South Grafton, are considered among the best in Massachusetts, offering emergency repair services for numerous water filtration systems as well as water softeners.

Contact High Purity Water, Inc. to repair and maintain all your hard water and low pH water treatment equipment. We can also assist with commercial and residential point of use R.O coolers as well as under counter or under sink Reverse Osmosis drinking water solutions, all from our conveniently located Grafton, MA Service Center.

High Purity Water, Inc. and Grafton, MA

Grafton was first settled in 1647 by Europeans, but there were indigenous inhabitants from the Nipmuc tribe already in the area. Grafton was incorporated as a town in Worcester County in 1735 and was named for the 2nd Duke of Grafton, Charles Fitzroy. This title was created specifically for the illegitimate son of Charles II, the King of England. Grafton played a significant role in the progress and success of the American Industrial Revolution, which began in 1793. The Upper Mill in North Grafton, which is now called the Washington Mills complex, was called the New England Manufacturing Company and still produces abrasive products. There was also a gun factory run by Ethan Allen during the early 19th Century. Blackstone Valley is the oldest industrialization area in the United States.

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Modern day Grafton covers an area of 23 square miles and has a population of approximately 17,765. The town is home to the Hassanamisco Reservation which is a Nipmuc village, Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine and the Willard House and Clock Museum. There are also a number of historic churches, homes and buildings, making the town an attractive prospect for visitors. Unfortunately, the town has an old water treatment infrastructure and a regulated well system, which can result in a number of water issues. These issues include hard water, low pH and high mineral content. Fortunately, High Purity Water, Inc. has the know how and the professional team on hand to help resolve these and any other hard water issues.

Grafton, MA Center
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