Treat your Customers the way you would want to be treated and the rest will fall into place…

Rob O’Brien, President

More than a marketing slogan, this has been High Purity Water, Inc.'s driving philosophy since the company was first established in South Grafton, Massachusetts in 1971.



Problem Water Specialists for your home and business.

Service FIRST, sales second.  High Purity Water, Inc. has a four-decade track record of resolving most of the residential and commercial water issues in New England.


When you call High Purity Water, Inc., you will actually talk to a REAL LIFE technically qualifed professional who cares about water quality who will assist you in setting up your service call, installation and deliveries. For specialized technical support, they will direct your call to the appropriate personnel to answer all of your questions and assist you in a professional, courteous manner.

CONTACT US or call us TODAY at 800-540-6268 FOR A FREE WATER ANALYSIS!

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About Our Work Ethics


Customer satisfaction is more than a slogan at High Purity Water, Inc.  It is a fundamental part of our belief system in everything we do.  When you need it, we've got it.  

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Here today…here tomorrow


High Purity Water, Inc.’s highly skilled, factory trained, water service specialist are the best in New England. Our service is unmatched in its professionalism and efficiency. Our field water service specialists have both the knowledge and experience to accurately diagnose virtually any problem and repair it quickly.

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