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Beyond Hard Water, Charlton’s most challenging water issue is Arsenic and Radon.

Charlton’s well water is notoriously problematic. This is no secret to anyone living here. Large sections of the town in fact have Arsenic and or Radon in their water supply.

Arsenic is an odorless, tasteless heavy metal that naturally occurs in the environment. It is also a by-product of agricultural and industrial activities. Radon is a radioactive, colorless, odorless, tasteless noble gas, occurring naturally as a decay product of radium. Human exposure to both arsenic and Radon can cause health effects and long-term exposure has been linked to cancer.

Having been Charlton’s de facto go-to water experts over the past forty plus years, there are literally streets where High Purity Water,, Inc. has installed equipment in almost every single home to abate the Arsenic or Radon issue. To learn if you have more than just a simple hard water problem and get your water tested, call us today.

One size DOES NOT FIT ALL. How High Purity Water, Inc., removes Arsenic and Radon from Charlton’s water supply.

When you have arsenic in your water, you need to decide whether you want to have arsenic free water for your whole home or just for your drinking and cooking water in the kitchen. Unlike big box stores, whose core competency is not professional water treatment, High Purity Water, does not offer a “one size fits all” solution to Arsenic and Radon removal. Our locally based, professional Arsenic and Radon water treatment specialist, know first hand the unique characteristics of Charlton’s water and will only recommend the most effective solution in removing this hazard from your water supply once that have studied YOUR particular water condition.

Although there are a variety of ways to eliminate arsenic and Radon, High Purity Water, Inc.’s first choice for Charlton MA water supply is the EcoWater Systems ETF 2100 PF 12. High Purity Water, Inc. works with AdEdge Technologies for most of its Arsenic remediation. AdEdge has in fact has developed a patented specialty media just for arsenic This media has become the standout product in the market and High Purity Water, Inc. uses it in their whole home system. For drinking and cooking water applications, High Purity Water uses the AdEdge POU drinking water systems. When it comes to Radon remediation there are many options out there and High Purity Water, Inc.’s technicians take all the factors into consideration when recommending the best fit treatment option for your home and families water needs.

Our knowledgeable, locally based and trained Charlton, MA Arsenic and Radon Water Treatment specialists can help you through the daunting process of developing a complete water treatment plan to ensure that your water supply is not only safe and optimally potable, but the best tasting it can be.

High Purity Water, Inc. treating Hard Water problems in Charlton, MA since 1971

In addition to the very specific Arsenic and Radon issues, Charlton’s water supply, also has the typical hard water problems associated with well water. Because of this, High Purity Water, Inc. provides a broad spectrum of best-in-class water softening and water treatment solutions.

High Purity Water, Inc. has an unbeaten track record of resolving Charlton’s water hardness problems caused by high calcium and magnesium mineral content deposits due to limestone, chalk and dolomite. Its instrument of choice is the EcoWater Systems’ ECR 3500 and ECR 3502 (the twin tank version of the ECR 3500) for demand-initiated regeneration water conditioners. Unlike most products available to consumers, the ECR 3500 and ECR 3502 soften and condition with counter-current brining that regenerates from the bottom up for improved efficiency. These best-in-class water treatment systems use an internal computer to monitor the amount of water used, prompting system regeneration for actual and predicted water usage.

Arsenic and Radon Water Filtration Repair and Water Softener Repair in Charlton, MA

High Purity Water, Inc.’s factory authorized service and repair facilities, are considered among the best in Massachusetts. Lcated in Grafton, they offer emergency repair services for a broad range of arsenic and Radon water filtration systems as well as water softeners. 

Contact High Purity Water, Inc. today to repair and maintain all your hard water and arsenic or Radon filtering treatment equipment.  We can also assist you with commercial and residential point of use R.O coolers as well as under counter or under sink Reverse Osmosis drinking water solutions for the TOTAL removal or arsenic and Radon from your drinking water.

Call High Purity Water, Inc. at 508 865-5005 for any hard water treatment and arsenic and or Radon water problems, as well as any water filtration services in the surrounding Charlton, MA area or click here to contact us for immediate service.

High Purity Water, Inc. and Charlton, MA

Named after Sir Francis Charlton and first settled in 1735, Charlton was established as a District from Oxford twenty yeas later, and became an actual town in 1775. During the 1800s, farming continued to be the major industry, but woolen mills were being built along the town’s water ways by the turn of the twentieth century.

Historic Charlton Common, Charlton, Massachusetts
Photo Marcbela (Marc N. Belanger) via Wikimedia Commons

With approximately 14,000 residents and nearly 4000 households, some 3,000 families live in Charlton. The median income per household is north of $63,033, and the median income for a family is over $70,208.

With a total area of 43.8 square miles, Charlton is situated in Worcester County, Massachusetts, and is bordered on the west by Sturbridge; on the north by East BrookfieldSpencer and Leicester; on the east by Oxford; and on the south by Dudley and Southbridge.

Main Street, Charlton Massachusetts
Photo by John Phelan via Wikimedia Commons

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