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Drinking water systems and multi-media filters for Newton, MA

High Purity Water, Inc. has been treating and successfully resolving Newton’s problematic taste and odor issues since the 70’s. While offering top-tier water filtration solutions for a host of challenging water concerns in the greater Boston area, High Purity Water has an acknowledged track record of specifically resolving smell and taste water problems found in Newton’s Quabbin and Wachusett Watersheds and Reservoirs from which it draws its water supply.

High Purity Water, Inc., using state-of-the-art Carbon filtration technology to eliminate Chlorine smell and taste from Newton, MA’s water

As one of the Boston’s 61 metropolitan communities, Newton, relies for its supply of potable water on the MWRA, the Massachusetts public authority, established in 1984 to provide wholesale water and sewer services to 2.5 million residents in the greater Boston region. Every day, Newton, Massachusetts residents, drink, bathe, shower, flush, and water their yards with water drawn from the MWRA system. This water supply, which originates from the Quabbin and Wachusett Watersheds and Reservoirs, provides for over 2 million people and 5,500 industrial users. As one of the largest metropolitan water districts in the United Sates, the water supply is subject to the highest standards of disinfection and eventually chlorine post-disinfection. Although this ensures that the water is safe from bacteria on its way to homes in Newton, it does not do much for its taste and smell when it arrives there.

As one of the oldest and most established water filtration and water treatment companies in the Newton, MA area, High Purity Water, Inc. has not only built a reputation in HARD water softening, but also in all forms of water de-chlorination. High Purity Water, Inc.’s chosen application for the removal of chlorine, be it odor and/or taste, is the carbon filtration found the EcoWater WATER REFINING SYSTEM® which combines the advantages of water conditioning with whole home carbon filtration without the inconvenience or expense of changing filters. Engineered for municipal water supplies, it not only cleans, softens and filters, but dramatically reduces chlorine taste and odor from one single unit used to feed the entire home.

Reverse Osmosis (R.O.), Drinking Water Solutions and Carbon Filtration in Newton, MA

Although Newton’s MWRA municipally supplied water is carefully treated to be potable and safe for humans, the anti-bacteriological chemicals employed to make it safe from possible water borne pathogens will not win it any awards in the smell or taste department. Chlorine, in fact, a key chemical agent used to kill any bacteria, leaves an all too familiar unpleasant swimming pool water aftertaste and odor. High Purity Water, Inc. has the tribal knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to remove that unpleasant Chlorine odor and taste from your drinking water using EcoWater’s under sink R.O. drinking water system which provides, unsurpassed, high-quality reverse osmosis water for both drinking and cooking, free of any chemicals like chlorine or TDS, sediment, nitrates, lead, microbiological cysts and other contaminants.

For light commercial or business usage, as well as large home water consumption, BottleLESS water coolers provide a cost-effective and virtually endless supply of store bought “bottle quality water ” without the pain of lifting those unwieldy 5 gallon jugs. These Point of Use Coolers are in effect Reverse Osmosis “mini water treatment plants” delivering often a cheaper alternative to delivered bottled water to your home or in your business.

High Purity Water, Inc.’s team of professional water specialists have the expertise to help guide you through the complexities of choosing the most effective water filtration solution for your Newton home or business.  Contact High Purity Water, Inc. today to resolve all your hard water as well as Chlorine smell and taste problems.

High Purity Water, Inc. and Newton, MA

Only 7 miles west of downtown Boston, Newton MA, in Middlesex County, Massachusetts is the eleventh largest city in the state, boasting a population of over 85,000. Newton’s closeness to Boston, along with its historic homes, good public schools, and safe neighborhoods make it a desirable bedroom community for those working in Boston, although Newton is not a typical “commuter suburb.” Many who live in Newton do not work in downtown Boston. Many Newtonites actually work in Newton or the surrounding cities and towns. In 2012, Money magazine named Newton the fourth best small city to live in America. 

Boston College from across the Chestnut Hill Reservoir
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Newton, like many New England towns rich with American history, was settled in 1630 as part of “the newe towne”, which eight years later became Cambridge in 1638. Today, the city has evolved into a true cultural center with two symphony orchestras, the New Philharmonia Orchestra of Massachusetts and the Newton Symphony Orchestra. Each April on Patriots Day, the Boston Marathon is run through the city, where runners come head-on with the first of the four infamous Newton Hills. Residents and visitors line the route along Washington Street and Commonwealth Avenue to cheer the runners who make it that far.

Chestnut Hill, Newton, MA, USA
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