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Chlorine odor and taste Treatment in Boston, MA

Smell and taste problems with Boston water is nothing new to Massachusetts in general and Boston in particular. For more than 40 years, High Purity Water, Inc. has been successfully solving virtually chlorine odor and taste related issues in the greater Boston metro area, from its Odor and Taste Treatment service center in Grafton, MA.  Offering best-in-class multi-media water filtration solutions for the most challenging odor, taste, and sediment problems common to Boston, MA, High Purity Water, Inc. has the demonstrated technical know-how to resolve all water problems caused by odor, taste and sediment issues, as well as the expertise to abate or totally remove chlorine taste and odor typically found in Boston’s municipally treated water supplies.

High Purity Water, Inc., removing Chlorine odor and taste from Boston, MA water

High Purity Water, Inc. is one of the oldest and most established names in water filtration and water treatment in the greater Boston region, specializing not only in HARD water and water softening protocols, but also in municipal water de-chlorination. High Purity Water has been installing best-in-class water filtration and de-chlorination systems in Boston, MA and its suburbs for the better part of 40 years, dealing with a wide range of difficult water problems native to the area, specifically chlorine odor and taste, frequently present in municipally treated water. High Purity Water, Inc.’s instrument of choice for the elimination of chlorine odor and taste is carbon filtration. Their systems designed specifically for city water applications, typical of Boston, and tailored to SPECIFICALLY reduce chlorine taste and odor based on how you use water in your home or business. High Purity Water’s professionals have the expertise to help guide you through the complexities of choosing the most effective water filtration solution for your Boston home or business and the greater Suffolk county area.

Multi-media Water Filtration Replacement and Repair in Boston, MA

Our factory authorized service and repair facilities, located in nearby Grafton, are considered among the best in Massachusetts offering emergency repair services for numerous water filtration systems.

Drinking Water Solutions, Filtration and Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) installation in Boston, MA

Although Boston’s municipally treated water is designed to be potable and safe for human consumption, the anti-bacteriological chemical treatment employed to make it safe does not make it taste all the great.  Chlorine, in fact, the principal chemical agent used to kill bacteria in water, leaves an all too familiar aftertaste and odor.  High Purity Water has the known-how and technology to remove that Chlorine odor and taste completely from your drinking water using the EcoWater Systems Reverse Osmosis drinking water system which provides, under counter, high-quality water for drinking and cooking applications, totally free of any chemical trace contaminants like chlorine or sediment, nitrates, lead, cysts and other pollutants.

For greater home water consumption, or light commercial and business applications, BottleLESS water coolers give you virtually unlimited, pristine, healthy “bottle quality” drinking water without the hassle of lifting and storing those heavy, bulky jugs. This mini Reverse Osmosis “water treatment factory” is cheaper than what you may think and could save you materially over how much you are spending now for your store bought or delivered bottled water for your home or business.

Institutional, Commercial and Large Contract Water Treatment Solutions in Boston, MA

Because of Massachusetts’ natural hydrology, Boston’s untreated water can be hard on you and your business’ bottom line.  In fact, sediment can and will build up in your equipment, restricting water flow in pipes and plumbing systems, reducing heat transfer in water heaters as well as staining fixtures.  These water sediment issues mean increased costs, making your business less profitable. Additionally, increased labor costs for maintenance, as well as premature replacement of fixtures, plumbing repairs, and increased energy expenses are all associated with hard and untreated water.

High Purity Water, Inc. is unsurpassed in determining what areas of your business can be run more efficiently by improving the quality of your water, ultimately saving you money.  Whether it is full System Engineering or simply Chlorine Removal, High Purity Water is the specialist in the greater Boston, MA area for your commercial water treatment needs. High Purity Water, Inc.’s professionals are always available to help find the right solution for your home or business with unique and extremely cost-effective products and engineering.

Contact High Purity Water, Inc. to resolve all your hard water and Chlorine odor and taste issues.  We can also assist with commercial and residential point of use R.O cooler sales and service from our Grafton, MA Service Center.

High Purity Water, Inc. and Boston, MA

Boston is the largest city and capital of Massachusetts, serving as the county seat of Suffolk County. The metro area covers almost 48 square miles and has a population of approximately 650,000 people. This makes Boston the biggest city in New England and the 24th largest in the U.S. The Greater Boston metro area has 4.5 million residents and is the 10th largest metropolitan area in the U.S.

Long Wharf in waterfront downtown Boston
Photo By Chris Wood (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

Founded in 1630 on the Shawmut Peninsula by English Puritan settlers, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the U.S..  The city has a great deal of historical significance as the site of a number of events from the American Revolution including the Boston Massacre, the Battle of Bunker Hill and the Boston Tea Party. After the United States achieved independence from England, Boston continued to be an important manufacturing hub and port in addition to being a center for culture and education. Modern day Boston is an international center of medicine, high technology and higher education, making it attractive for a large number of visitors. However, the area is prone to a number of water quality issues, in part due to its century old pipe work and in part to its natural higher mineral content, which can be problematic for residents and visitors alike.

Boston Common from the Prudential Center
Photo by Jared C. Benedict (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

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