Contact High Purity Water, Inc. to repair and maintain all your hard water and low pH water treatment equipment. We can also assist with commercial and residential point of use R.O coolers as well as under counter or under sink Reverse Osmosis drinking water solutions, all from our conveniently located Auburn, MA Service Center.

TDS. What are they and how does High Purity Water, Inc. filter them out in Auburn, MA?

Total dissolved solids, or as they are typically known in the trade TDS, can cause not only unpleasant taste in water, but (depending upon the TDS levels) serious scale build-up on fixtures and water using appliances. The higher the TDS, the more disagreeable the taste and the greater the potentially damaging scale build up. Some water supplies are so high in mineral content, in fact, that they taste actually salty, almost like seawater. These high TDS water supplies can corrode faucets, fixture, dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters in very short periods of time.

Since High Purity Water, Inc. first opened its doors back in 1971, it has been successfully solving virtually all of Auburn’s hard water and TDS well water related problems using state-of-the art Softeners and Reverse Osmosis technology from EcoWater Systems. The Auburn Water District, which gets its water from a regulated well system, does have an iron and manganese water treatment facility of their own, but the Auburn Water District filters approximately 1.5 million gallons of water each and every day for an entire community of over 16,000, which is somewhat different from “final barrier protection” in your very own home. The fact is, that there are still considerable water hardness issues, iron and rust water issues, manganese and low pH problems and a host of other challenges by the time the water reaches your home, all characteristic of well water supplies. Because of this, High Purity Water, Inc. provides a host of best-in-class final barrier protection, water filtration and water treatment solutions for the most challenging well water problems in Auburn including hard water, TDS, odors, iron, manganese and low pH or acid water.

Hard Water Treatment Solutions and Water Softeners for Auburn, MA

High Purity Water, Inc. has been fixing Auburn’s water hardness problems caused by deposits of high calcium and magnesium mineral content with its EcoWater Systems’ Premium ECR 3500 and ECR 3502 (the twin tank iteration of the ECR 3500). The ECR 3500 and ECR 3502 are considered the top of the pyramid in demand-initiated regeneration water conditioners. Unlike many products offered by other water treatment manufacturers, the ECR 3500 and ECR 3502 soften and condition water with counter-current bringing that regenerates from the bottom up, resulting in enhanced efficiency. This best-in-class water treatment technology uses an internal computer to manage the amount of water used, prompting regeneration for actual and predicted water usage.

Treating Acidic, Low pH water in Auburn, MA

High Purity Water, Inc.’s PROs will help guide you through the options of choosing the most effective water treatment solution for your low pH issue in Auburn, MA. Although there are a variety of ways to control low pH, High Purity Water, Inc.’s prefers the EcoWater ETF 2100 PF 10 or 12 Neutralizers. Unlike many water problems in Auburn, Low pH or acid water, cannot actually be detected by either its color, turbidity, odor or even feel. Its impact, however, is quite another story. Acidic water, as its name implies, is corrosive over time, eating away at chrome fixtures, copper pipes, fittings and a host of metal parts connected to any water using appliances from dishwashers to washing machines. The blue green stains on sinks and tubs or the corroded fixtures, are all typical of acid water damage. Acidic water also causes pinhole leaks in copper pipes and if they are behind a wall or above a ceiling the water damage effects can be devastating.

Water Filtration and Water Softener Repair in Auburn, MA

Our factory authorized repair and service center in Grafton is considered one of the best in Massachusetts, offering emergency repair for a wide variety of water filtration systems as well as water softeners.

Contact High Purity Water, Inc. to service and maintain all your hard water and water filter and water treatment equipment. We can also assist with point of use R.O coolers as well as under counter or under sink Reverse Osmosis drinking solutions.

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High Purity Water, Inc. and Auburn, MA

Roughly 90 years ago, Auburn made its name in the history books. On March 16, 1926, Robert Goddard launched the first liquid-fueled rocket from Pakachoag Hill, on his Aunt Effe Ward’s farm. Goddard historic effort is commemorated today in his namesake Memorial Park, located in downtown Auburn, where a model of his prototype rocket and a Polaris Ballistic Missile stand marking this achievement in modern aerospace.

Auburn Town Offices and Merriam Library, Auburn MA
Photo By John Phelan via Wikimedia Commons

Before reaching for the sky, Auburn was a sleepy little hamlet settled in 1714 and officially incorporated in 1778 as the town of Ward, in honor of American Revolution General Artemas Ward. The town changed its name to Auburn in 1837. Before incorporation, most of Auburn was actually known as the South Parish of Worcester. Despite maintaining its old charm, today, the town of Auburn, in Worcester County, with population of more than 16,000, is not quite the sleepy little hamlet it was in 18th century New England.

Historic American Buildings Survey Arthur C. Haskell, Photographer Nov. 23, 1936 (a) EXT. - FRONT and SIDE, LOOKING NORTHEAST - Thaddeus Chapin House, Auburn, Worcester County, MA
Public Domain Photo Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA via Wikimedia Commons

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