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High Purity Water, Inc., Removing Calcium and Magnesium from Northborough City Water

High Purity Water, Inc. has been treating Northborough’s hard water for better part than forty years. While providing the best water filtration solutions for many challenging water issues typical in Massachusetts, High Purity Water has a high degree of specialization in softening hard water caused by calcium and magnesium typically found in Northborough’s Quabbin and Wachusett Reservoir water supply.

High Purity Water, Inc. has four decades of field experience dealing with all hard water problems caused by high calcium and magnesium deposits from limestone, chalk and dolomite. EcoWater Systems’ ECR 3500 and ECR 3502 (a twin tank version of the Premium ECR 3500 model) is High Purity Water, Inc.’s choice for demand-initiated regeneration conditioning. The ECR 3500 and ECR 3502 use a built in computer to monitor the amount of water used, prompting system regeneration based on actual and predicted water usage. Unlike most other products offered on the market, the ECR 3500 and ECR 3502 soften and condition water with counter-current brining that regenerates from the bottom up for greater efficiency.

Carbon Filtration technology for the Removal of Chlorine Odor and Taste from Northborough’s, MA Water

Most of Northborough’s residents rely on the municipal water supply from the Massachusetts water Resources Authority. MWRA’s water comes from the Quabbin Reservoir, roughly 65 miles west of Boston, and the Wachusett Reservoir, 35 miles west of Boston. Rain and snow fall onto watersheds and eventually turn into streams that flow into reservoirs filling them naturally. Although the Quabbin and Wachusett Reservoirs are protected (85% of the watershed lands that surround the reservoirs are covered in forest and wetlands) the water comes into contact along the way with soil, rock, plants and other material as it follows its path.

The Quabbin and Wachusett reservoirs combined supply more than 214 million gallons per day to consumers. Water in Northborough is in fact treated on a large scale for human consumption and although Northborough’s chemically treated, municipal supply is designed to be safe for human usage, the anti-bacteriological treatment protocols employed to make it potable, do impact its taste. Chlorine, a key chemical used to kill all bacteria in water, has fairly unpleasant taste and odor in fact.

Using a variety of chlorine odor and taste removal protocols, from whole home cartridge filters to large scale de-chlorination systems, High Purity Water has successfully abated the taste and odor of chlorine from Northborough’s municipal water supply for forty plus years. With an unsurpassed record for removing chlorine taste and smell from Northborough’s municipally treated water supplies, High Purity Water, Inc. is widely regarded as the first choice in carbon filtration solutions in the area.

Treating Low pH, “Acidic” water in Northborough, MA

Hard water and chlorine taste and odor are not the only issues impacting Northborough’s water users. Low pH water, commonly referred to as “Acidic” water is another common problem. High Purity Water, Inc.’s water treatment experts can help guide you through the options of determining the most effective water treatment solution for your low pH problems in Northborough, MA. And although there are several methodologies for controlling Acidic low pH water, High Purity Water, Inc.’s protocol of choice is neutralization using the EcoWater ETF 2100 PF 10 or 12 Neutralizers. Unlike Hard water or chlorine odor and taste issues common to Northborough, MA, Low pH or acid water, cannot be detected visually by its color or turbidity or by its odor or even feel.

Its impact is another matter however. Acidic water, over time can actually be quite corrosive. A common sign of Low pH water is eaten away fixtures, copper pipes, fittings and a most of all chrome and metal parts in water using appliances, including washing machines, water heaters and dishwashers. The blue green stains on tubs, showers sinks as well as corroded fixtures, are typical of acid water damage as well. Acidic water also may causes pinhole leaks in copper pipes over time, which when behind a wall or above a ceiling can lead to catastrophic consequences in the event of a leak.

Water Softening Equipment Repairs and Water Filtration in Northborough MA

Considered one of the foremost water softening and water filtration system repair service centers in Massachusetts, High Purity Water, Inc.’s factory trained specialists in Grafton, are available to solve virtually any and all equipment issues regardless of brand. 

Call High Purity Water, Inc. today at 508-839-2156 for prompt service or emergency repair.  

Carbon Filtration and R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) Installation, Drinking Water Solutions in Northborough, MA

In addition to traditional carbon filtration, High Purity Water, Inc.’s other tool of choice is the EcoWater Reverse Osmosis drinking water process, which has the capability to remove all chlorine smell and taste. This under the counter technology provides drinking and cooking water that is completely free of any chemical or biological agents beyond chlorine such as nitrates, lead, sediment, TDS, and cysts as well as other biological or chemical pollutants that could be present in your water supply.

For light commercial / business or even higher amounts of home consumption applications, bottleLESS water coolers provide that store bought, or delivered “bottle water R.O. quality” without the trouble of carrying, and storing cumbersome five-gallon water containers. BottleLESS water coolers or POU (Point of Use Coolers) can be installed with a variety of drinking water filtering options designed to suit your specific water treatment requirements, from simple cartridge filters to full R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) which typically yield virtually pure drinking water for less than the cost of the delivered bottled water alternative.

High Purity Water, Inc.’s water treatment professionals can knowledgeably guide you through the complex process of selecting the ideal water filtration solution for your Northborough home or business. Contact High Purity Water, Inc. to solve your hard water and chlorine taste and smell issues as well as residential and commercial point of use cooler service and sales needs.

Contact High Purity Water, Inc. today at 508-865-5005 or Toll Free at 800-540-6268 for Northborough hard water treatment, chlorine taste or smell removal, as well as water filtration services throughout Northborough, MA or click here to reach us online for prompt service.

High Purity Water, Inc. and Northborough, MA

Built on land given by Capt. James Eager, Northborough’s first Meeting House stood on Church Street, roughly where the First Congregational Unitarian Church stands today. Town meetings were held there, as were church services — where attendance was mandatory. The only religion tolerated within the Puritan Massachusetts Bay Colony was that of the Congregational Church. The “tithing men” were the legally elected officers, while town ministers were the arbiters of town and family life for all. Customarily, they had strong influence in the conduct of the schools, which were not nearly as important to the founding fathers as was the church.

First Parish Church, Northborough, Massachusetts
Photo By John Phelan (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

Along the old Boston Post Road, plaques commemorate historical events including the where a young Northborough settler, Mary Goodnow, was scalped by Indians in 1707. Scattered along the Assabet River, numerous mills commemorate less gruesome events such as the places where textile manufacturing and other early East coast industry boomed until they disappeared.

Today, in addition to several working farms, Northborough has a burgeoning R&D sector, although the town serves primarily as a residential bedroom community to Boston and Worcester commuters.

Boston Post Road Milestone 33, Northborough Massachusetts
Photo By John Phelan (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

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