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High Purity Water, Inc., Solving Your Hard Water Problems in Shrewsbury

Based in nearby Grafton, High Purity Water, Inc. has been solving Shrewsbury’s most difficult hard water issues since the early 70s. While providing only the best water filtration solutions for a wide range of challenging water problems throughout Massachusetts, High Purity Water, Inc. has a high degree of specialization in softening hard water caused by calcium and magnesium deposits found typically in Shrewsbury’s gravel packed wells.

High Purity Water, Inc. has a forty year track record of managing and resolving all hard water problems caused by high calcium and magnesium mineral deposits due to limestone, chalk and dolomite. EcoWater Systems’ ECR 3500 and ECR 3502 (a twin tank version of the Premium ECR 3500 model) is High Purity Water's Inc.’s top choice for demand-initiated regeneration water conditioners.  These best-in-class water treatment systems use built in computer to monitor the amount of water used, prompting system regeneration based on actual and predicted water usage. Unlike most products offered by other water treatment technology manufacturers, the ECR 3500 and ECR 3502 soften and condition water with counter-current brining that regenerates from the bottom up for greater efficiency.

Using Carbon Filtration technology to Remove Chlorine Odor and Taste from Shrewsbury’s, MA Water

Most of Shrewsbury’s residents rely on the municipal water supply coming from six active town wells primarily located in the northwest quadrant of the community. On an average day, the Shrewsbury’s Water Department pumps about 4 million gallons, feeding roughly 33,000 residents through 200 miles of main. Water in Shrewsbury’s is treated on a large scale for volatile organic compound (VOC) removal, corrosion control and manganese sequestering. Fluoridation and chlorination are added to the water supply for human consumption.

Using a variety of chlorine odor and taste removal protocols, from whole home cartridge filters to larger scale de-chlorination systems, High Purity Water, Inc. has successfully abated the taste and odor of chlorine from Shrewsbury’s municipal water supply for forty plus years. High Purity Water's Inc. is in fact one of the oldest and most established water treatment and filtration specialists in the greater Boston region, specializing, beyond hard water softening, in the de-chlorination of municipal water.

High Purity Water, Inc.’s unmatched track record of removing chlorine’s taste and smell from Shrewsbury’s municipally treated water supplies makes it the first choice in carbon filtration solutions in the area.

Treating Low pH, “Acidic” water in Shrewsbury, MA

High Purity Water, Inc.’s water treatment experts will help guide you through the options of choosing the most effective water treatment solution for your low pH problems in Shrewsbury, MA. Although there are several approaches and solutions in controlling Acidic low pH water, High Purity Water, Inc.’s method of choice is the EcoWater ETF 2100 PF 10 or 12 Neutralizers. Unlike Hard water or chlorine odor and taste problems in Shrewsbury, MA, Low pH or acid water, cannot actually be detected by its color, turbidity, odor or even feel. However, its impact, is another matter. Acidic water, as its name suggests, over time is quite corrosive, eating away at fixtures, copper pipes, fittings and a host of chrome and metal parts connected to any water using appliances from washing machines to dishwashers. The blue green stains on tubs, showers sinks as well as corroded fixtures, are all typical of acid water damage. Acidic water also typically causes pinhole leaks in copper pipes, which if behind a wall or above a ceiling can lead to catastrophic consequences in the event of a leak.

Water Softening Equipment Repairs and Water Filtration in Shrewsbury MA

Considered one of the leading water softening and water filtration systems emergency repair service centers in Massachusetts, our factory trained specialists, located in nearby Grafton, are here to solve virtually any equipment issue you may have, regardless of brand. 

Call High Purity Water, Inc. today at 508-839-2156 for prompt service or emergency repair. 

R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) Installation and Carbon Filtration, Drinking Water Solutions in Shrewsbury, MA

Although Shrewsbury’s chemically treated, municipal water is designed to be safe for human usage, the anti-bacteriological treatment protocols employed to make it potable, do impact its taste. Chlorine, a key chemical agent used to kill all bacteria in the water, has an all to familiarly unpleasant taste and odor.

In addition to traditional carbon filtration, using EcoWater’s Reverse Osmosis drinking water process, High Purity Water, Inc. has the technology and capability to remove that distinctive chlorine smell and taste. This patented under the counter process provides water for drinking and cooking that is completely free of chemical or biological agents such as chlorine, sediment, TDS, nitrates, lead, and cysts and other pollutants that could be present in your water supply.

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For light commercial / business or even higher amounts of home consumption, BottleLESS water coolers provide that store bought, or delivered “bottle water quality” without the trouble of picking up, carrying, and storing those cumbersome five-gallon water jugs. BottleLESS water coolers or POU (Point of Use Coolers) can be installed with a variety of drinking water filtering systems designed to suit your specific water treatment needs, from simple cartridge filters to full R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) membrane technology that typically yields virtually pure drinking water for less than the cost of the delivered bottled water alternative.

High Purity Water, Inc.’s professional water treatment specialists can knowledgeably guide you through the complexities of selecting the most effective water filtration solution for your Shrewsbury home or business. Contact High Purity Water to remedy your hard water and chlorine taste and smell issues. We can also help you with residential and commercial point of use cooler services and sales.

High Purity Water, Inc. and Shrewsbury, MA

A suburb of both Boston and Worcester, located in Central Massachusetts, Shrewsbury sits about 45 minutes from Boston proper and 10 minutes from downtown Worcester. Separated by Lake Quinsigamond, Shrewsbury is bordered on the west by Worcester, to the north by Boylston and Interstate 290, to the south by Grafton and to the east by Northborough and Westborough. The town has a total area of 21.6 square miles, of which, 20.7 square miles are land and 0.9 square miles are water.

With a population of over 36,000, Shrewsbury is an unusual New England town in that it was neither a mill town nor a farming village. It actually grew as a suburb to neighboring Worcester with visitors coming to Lake Quinsigamond.

First Congregational Church, Shrewsbury Massachusetts
Photo By Chanilim714 (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

First settled in 1722 and Incorporated in 1727, the Town of Shrewsbury, was named for Shrewsbury, England. Grants of land were made in what would eventually be the town as early as 1664, with the largest 3,200-acre parcel called Haynes Farm. Townspeople eventually created an agricultural economy with apple orchards, and by 1750, there were two stores, four taverns as well as several small businesses in operation.

A leather industry began in 1786 and town farmers developed cattle herds to support boot and shoe manufacturing. Gunsmithing followed about 9 years later, producing rifles, shotguns and pistols and eventually cutlery. By 1809 Luther Goddard started making brass clocks employing skilled Swiss and English watchmakers. Eventually lumbering created sawmills, and they in turn drew chair and cabinetmakers, plow and wagon builders.   Today the economy of modern Shrewsbury is best described as depending on agriculture, the travel and leisure industry and providing both recreation and food for the population of Worcester.

Desi Market Tower Millbury MA
Photo By John Phelan (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

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