Water Treatment Solutions in Stow, MA

High Purity Water, treating Stow’s well water for more than forty years


Water Treatment Solutions in Stow, MA

A 2011 U.S. Geological Survey released by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection reported that many local private wells in the area had a greater than 25% probability of containing more than the allowable levels of arsenic.  All of Stow’s water supply is in actual fact derived from wells. While local and state health authorities said these predictions are not cause for alarm, they did encourage homeowners to regularly test their private wells to ensure their water sources are safe.

Since High Purity Water, opened its doors for business in Grafton, MA back in 1971, it has been successfully solving all of Stow’s most problematic water issues. Unlike big box stores in fact, who by necessity must offer up “one size fits all” solutions, as a locally based professional water treatment specialist, High Purity Water knows that no one system can in fact can fix all. Stow’s water problems, in particular, are somewhat unique even in Massachusetts.

Our knowledgeable, locally based and trained Water Treatment technicians can help you through the complex process of developing a complete water treatment plan for your particular water quality needs and water usage in Stow, MA. 

High Purity Water treating Hard Water and Arsenic problems in Stow, MA since 1971 

Stow’s well water supply in effect has 2 principal challenges. It’s hardness, caused by calcium and magnesium deposits found typically in Stowe’s wells, and arsenic. Because of this, High Purity Water provides a broad spectrum of best-in-class final barrier protection water filtration and water treatment solutions for the most challenging well water problems in Stow.

For the treatment of hard water, High Purity Water has an unbeaten track record in resolving water hardness problems caused by high calcium and magnesium mineral content deposits due to limestone, chalk and dolomite. Its instrument of choice is EcoWater Systems’ Premium ECR 3500 and ECR 3502 (a twin tank model of the ECR 3500). Unlike most other products on the market, this demand-initiated regeneration water conditioner, softens and conditions water with counter-current brining that regenerates from the bottom up for improved efficiency. These best-in-class, state-of-the-art water treatment systems also use an internal computer to monitor the amount of water used, prompting system regeneration for actual and predicted water usage.

As one of the oldest and most established water filtration and water treatment companies in the greater Stow MA area, High Purity Water specializes not only in HARD water and water softening solutions, but also in Stow’s other main water problem, arsenic water treatment.

Arsenic is an odorless, tasteless heavy metal that naturally occurs in the environment. It is also a by-product of agricultural and industrial activities. Human exposure to arsenic can cause health effects and long-term exposure has been linked to cancer. The US Environmental Protection Agency’s standard for maximum level of arsenic is 10 parts per billion.

When arsenic is present in your water supply, you need to determine whether you want to have arsenic free water for your entire household or just for your kitchen drinking and cooking water supply. High Purity Water, does not offer a “one size fits all” solution for any type of water treatment in general and Arsenic removal in particular, in fact our local, professional Arsenic water treatment specialists, know intimately the distinctive characteristics of Stow’s water and will strictly counsel you on the most effective CUSTOMIZED solution for you, only AFTER having studied and determined YOUR particular water condition.

Although there are a variety of ways to eliminate arsenic from water, High Purity Water’s first choice for Stow MA’s water supply is the EcoWater Systems ETF 2100 PF 12 combined with AdEdge Technologies’ Bayoxide ® E33 Adsorption Media. Having worked closely for many years with AdEdge Water Technologies to properly size the systems for homes in Stow, we know from experience that this media is ideally designed for residential POE (Point of Entry) applications to meet the EPA arsenic standard of 10 ppb.  AdEdge is not only the industry standard for arsenic reduction, but from our field experience has shown to reduce as much as 99% of total arsenic including arsenic III and arsenic V.

This iron-based granular adsorption media has become the standout product in the market and High Purity Water uses it in all its whole home systems. AdEdge Technologies Bayoxide ® E33 Adsorption Media has 4 to 10 times the capacity of many other media, is cost effective as a centralized arsenic treatment protocol and has a typical lifespan of at 2 to 3 years before needing any replacement. 

For drinking and cooking water applications, High Purity Water uses the EcoWater R.O. (reverse osmosis) system. Large Reverse Osmosis Systems, capable of treating an entire home, are also available.

High Purity Water’s Arsenic Water Treatment professionals have the expertise to help guide you through the complexities of choosing the most effective arsenic water treatment in Stow, MA and the knowhow to develop a complete water treatment plan to ensure that your water supply is not only safe and optimally potable, but the best tasting it can be.

Call High Purity Water at 508 839-2156 for any hard water treatment and arsenic water problems, as well as any water filtration services in the surrounding Stow, MA area or click here to contact us for immediate service.


Arsenic Water Filtration and Water Softener Repair in Stow, MA

High Purity Water’s factory authorized service and repair facilities, are considered among the best in Massachusetts, located in nearby Grafton, they offer emergency repair services for numerous arsenic water filtration systems as well as water softeners. 

Contact High Purity Water today to repair and maintain all your hard water and arsenic filtering treatment equipment.  We can also assist you with commercial and residential point of use R.O coolers as well as under counter or under sink Reverse Osmosis drinking water solutions for the TOTAL removal or arsenic from drinking water.

Call High Purity Water, at 508 839-2156 or Toll Free at 800 540-6268 for hard water treatment, arsenic water treatment solutions, filtration services and point of use R.O cooler sales and service in Stow, Boston, Worcester, Newton, Auburn, Millbury, Northborough, Charlton, Wellesley and Grafton or simply click here to contact us for immediate service.


High Purity Water and Stow, MA 

Located in Middlesex County, 21 miles west of Boston, in the MetroWest region of Massachusetts, Stow is one of the oldest towns in the entire state. First settled back in 1660 by Matthew Boon and John Kettell, the area was originally home to the Tantamous (Jethro) Native Americans, called “Pompocitticut”. Boon first set up residence by a large body of water, later bearing his name: Lake Boon and eventually upon a hill (Boon Hill). Folklore has it that he traded his massive tract of land for just a single jackknife. He lived on what is now known as Barton Road. John Kettell took up residence in a portion of land in the southwestern corner of Stow, where the flatness helped with his farming. The town was eventually incorporated twenty years later in 1683.

Modern day Stow boast a population of over 6500 and covers an area of 18 square miles.   It borders Harvard, Maynard, Sudbury, Hudson, Boxborough, Acton and Bolton. The town is now best known for its golf courses, having 4 with a total of 81 holes. Stow Acres Country Club, the site of the 1995 US Amateur Public Links Championship, is the best known of the four. It has been ranked among the best public courses in the state and boasts a top 50 pro shop nationally.


Water Treatment Solutions in Stow, MA Stow, Massachusetts town center, by the Randall Library.
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